Tuesday, May 29, 2012

the most exciting of summers

So..... I know I should have all of these fantastic photos of me standing in front of all the amazing architecture in this country buttttt..... I don't.  It's much different being a photographer and traveling.  Although you would expect me to have those sort of photos its just much easier for me to take my own and what not.  All the other photographers here are busy with their own photos and handing my camera over to some random person is not even a question.  People are retarded with iphones.  Handing people my camera is like asking them to land a plane.  I swear.  Then there is the framing issue.  I usually just end up with a picture of the top of my neck and face and mostly whatever object is behind me.  Hello!  I got dressed in this really cute outfit for a reason today (on study abroad nearly impossible btw).  Anywho.... so there you have it.

Oh Germany, what do I say about it?  I have loved the people I have been with.  I love the teacher I came with.  I love learning the history of the country.  I love being in a new place.  I love the empty stares and nervous smile I give people when they talk to me in German.  I love riding one stop too many because I don't want to feel like a fool that can't open the train door.  I love buying a new brand of chocolate bar every day.  I love watching people pee in public.  I love that the original pieces of art work are not in short supply.  I love dancing on a perfectly slippery dance floor in the middle of a park at night.  I love singing "Both of My Feet Hurt" every night when I come home.  I love that there is currywurst, fries, and doner Kabobs on every street.  I love saying "check point charlie".  I love that the sun comes up at 5:00 AM and doesn't go down until 10:00 AM.  I love mingling with artists.  I love the smell of weed.  I love shopping by myself at Zara.  I love trying not to hurl on my run because my running clothes haven't been washed in two weeks.  I love washing my running clothes.  I love people playing music in the train.  I love.... alright I'm running out of things!

Well... I don't actually LOVE all of those things haha obviously.  But I thought it flowed RATHER well. Basically a lot of that has been my experience so far.  It has seriously been so great to be here though.  I am having a blast and experiencing things I never thought I would!  It's so great to be in a new place learning new things and a different way of life... even if I am a tourist.  I can't wait to see what else Europe offers me!

Here are some FAB photos from my trip so far!

If I had her body I would wear that too.
He is really powering through that walk.