Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too.

This week has been pretty darn crazy!  Between my assignments for photography, my test in history of photography, and the two massive baskets of clean laundry that needs to be put away in my room, I'm already pooped!  Here are some little drawings I have done recently that show how I am feeling.

I really wanted to go home during history of photography.  Three hours of lecturing is just not ideal!

Then I wanted to someone to kill me during the same class

Then all of a sudden I got happy!

Then I drew this boy.

Then while Erica and I were studying apparently I started getting a little delirious because I drew this creature.  I don't really know what it is but I hope that every time a dark gray cloudy thought comes into your head you think of that smiling face!

 Then on my test I tried to recreate the little guy on but it just didn't quite work.  I drew this one for Carl (my teacher).  See that's him down there taking the lovely couples photo.  If that doesn't get me an A I don't know what will?

No story tonight.  I think I will either go and lay in my baskets of laundry until they magically are folded and put away OR go and polish the rims on my speed racer of a car!  I have a street race in the morning.  Me vs. an Oldsmobile Intrigue, I am a shoo-in to win.  Gotta get to bed early for that.  Serious business car racing is!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wide Open Spaces!

Just came from a lovely time in the photo lab with friends!  I always love those great times in the photo lab, sharing music, sharing memories, sharing cookies, its all great!  Gotta love Kristy, my Ginger friend who thinks she can get away with getting "help" with her stretching from her GORGEOUS conditioning teacher while I watch while running from the balcony above.  Whatever Kristy, I have TOTALLY caught on!  Gotta always love Erica my photo friend who just LOVES the song Friday.  Gotta love Tony when he says "It's just been one of those Mondays." while giving Kristy a cheesy little arm jab.  Last (there were more people but I will reference them later) but definitely not least, gotta love Makaela who still can't recall the time in the photo lab when she was singing along to "How Do You Sleep" by Jesse McCartney.  I don't know why you deny it MaKaela, it happened.  We all decided that tomorrow we will all be wearing Floral shoes.  I think its a grand idea.  I thoroughly enjoy my floral high top sneakers that Ali and I purchased in Cali!  Shawn you better quickly purchase some.  I expect to see you in floral!

Speaking of shoes, have I told you about the time someone mistook me for a cowgirl?

Don't mind the fact that I have my ski coat on and skinny jeans with tennis shoes.  SO EMBARRASSING!

So I'm sitting in art history class, minding my own business when suddenly a certain someone begins talking to me.  This certain someone is a bit interesting.  I am not going to guess his age for the sake of.... well I don't know I just don't want to  Anyway... He has long hair (a mullet actually), and seriously looks like he just stepped out of Back To the Future.  Whatever, I say if you want to stick to your style, more power to you buddy!  Turns out this guys name is Sully.  It's quite the interesting name so fitting I guess.  So this Sully just keeps asking me questions in class about certain assignments and due dates and tests and what not.  I didn't mind that he was asking me this, not like it was anything more out of the ordinary than his style.  I couldn't stop starring at his hair during class, it was just so.... mullety....The way the front of it fluffed out.  The way those dark locks so organically fell down his back, and the way all of his hair kind of feathered at the edges creating a soft sultry look.  It was so humorous.  I wonder who in the world still lets him get his hair cut like that. So then, when class was over I stood up and began walking to the door thinking about that fantastically grotesque haircut.  Then I felt a little tap tap on my shoulder, I turned around and there is Sully.   He then said the strangest thing to me?  "You strike me as a country girl.  Do you come from wide open spaces?"  WWWWHHHHHAAAAAAATTTTTT?  All I could do was stare at him... BLINK..... BLINK............................................................................................................................................ BLINK... I couldn't figure out what would give him this impression so I just said the first thing that came to my lips.  "Who does your hair?  I am thinking of getting mine cut the same way?"  OH BOY!  Where did that come from?  So, if anyone needs contact information for a great mullet hair stylist, I have got it for you!  Thank you, thank you very much!

I think the girl behind Sully hates me.... or maybe its just the fact that she caught on to my secret picture taking...

So glad I got mine done!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Typhoid Mary!

Yesterday was sort of a dismal day around this log cabin (aka my apartment).  Feelings were hurt, tears were shed, time was waisted, and pizza was made.  Stephanie had the idea to make pizza to bring a little cheer into our lives!  I think it was a grand idea Steph!  We really had a good time spending time together as roommates, working towards the same positive goal.  We were going to make a freaking delicious pizza!  Oh man, I say this was the right solution to our problem.  That pizza was delicious and made me feel much better.  Also, since we made it I felt a little more productive with my day.

Here is a little funny that happened during this pizza making.  My dear roommate Shanaenae was picking up the green pepper to cut it and had a little butterfinger moment.  She accidentally dropped the pepper, and quickly tried to retrieve it.  In her efforts to quickly grab the pepper out of the air she accidentally grabbed Stephanie's butt which happened to be very close to where the pepper was falling.  Oh Shanaenae!  You know if you wanted to grab Steph's butt you could have just asked!

You know, all of this food preparing reminds me of a very special person...  TYPHOID MARY!   For those of you who don't know who Typhoid Mary is, she pretty much was the cause of the huge Typhoid breakout way back when.  Why am I thinking about Typhoid Mary do you ask?  Well because last semester in my food and nutrition class we watched a documentary on Typhoid Mary.  The movie consisted of reenactments of all the things that went down in Typhoid Mary's disease spreading days.  This movie was HILARIOUS to say the least.  After cooking at many different New York homes and spreading diseases to countless family members of those homes, the doctors researching these situations finally decided to question Mary, talk about a common denominator.  After practically forcing Mary to be tested for Typhoid, because she was totally convinced it wasn't her, they most definitely found that Mary was a carrier, thus comes the name TYPHOID MARY.  So after a couple of other things happen they finally force Mary to live on this quarantine island for a couple of years until the outbreak settles down.  Finally when Mary is able to go back to New York they make it pretty clear to her that she cannot work in food services anymore.  She then begins a job as a seamstress or something where she cannot infect anyone since typhoid is only spread through food.  THEN, a couple of years later there is yet another outbreak of Typhoid.  This time it hits the hospital.  So some investigators start investigating the situation and of course the first place they start is in the kitchen of the hospital.  They make their way down to the kitchen and guess who they find there whippin' up food for the whole hospital?  TYPHOID MARY!  Seriously, was Typhoid Mary retarded?  Did she think they wouldn't catch on?  Also, what kind of screening process do these workers have to go through to get jobs at this hospital, not a very good one thats for sure.  As my BFF Angie said when I told her this story "One simple question in her interview could have saved them all this trouble.  Have you ever been infected with, or infected someone with Typhoid?"  What do you think Typhoid Mary did when those guys walked into the kitchen?  Awkwardly set down the knife and pretended like she was just looking around?  Tried to make up some excuse as to why she was in the kitchen?  I would love to have seen that!  You know, its too bad Sketchers Skate Sneaks weren't invented then.  They have worked for me on more than one occasion.  So then poor poor stupid Typhoid Mary was sent to live on that sad sad island yet again.  We can't say she didn't deserve it!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Santa FIASCO!

First off, I would love to give a shout out to my great friend Maggie who redesigned my header!  Love it Mags and love you!  Thank you ever so much!  Second off, I mentioned my friend and also roommate Stephanie in one of  my last posts and let me tell you that she has a great blog!  You can see it here.  You will just LOVE this girl!

This is how I probably look now.  This is a photo I accidentally captured while super concentrated on my computer.  Sadly I think I was just facebook stalking.... woot yeah!

Now, let me tell you about this little thing I like to call the Santa Fiasco.  It was a warm September day.  The sun was shining, birds were chirping, and I had popped the little wheels out on my shoes and roller skated to class.  Life could not get any better!  So when I reached class, and popped my wheels back into the bottom of those cute platform tennies, I walked happily into the photo lab.  Little did I know that not everyone on planet earth was having as great of a day as I was.  The first thing I noticed after walking in was this GIANT note on the bulletin board reading "CLEAN UP YOUR OWN MESSES.  WE ARE NOT YOUR MOTHER!"  Whoa baby!  Somebody is a little angry.  So of course the first thing I think to do is show the grumpy old note to my good friend Erica.  So I went and retrieved Erica and quickly brought her to the note.  She read the note and gave a little chuckle.  So of course I decided to be my hilarious self and read the note aloud.  I read it loud with a nasaly angry voice really dramatizing the whole thing.  I then proceeded to tell Erica that that person must have been really pissed off.  Then, disaster struck.  It all seemed to happen in slow motion.  I turned around and there standing behind me was SANTA.  Okay obviously it's not the real Santa, but a guy that was in our class who VERY closely resembled him.  There Santa was, not looking so jolly, starring me right in the face.  He then said to me, "well maybe the person that wrote that note was really upset with all the messes around here.  Maybe the person that wrote that note was sick of being everyones mother.  Maybe that person couldn't stand it anymore."  OH BOY!  So of course what did I say?  "Are you the one who wrote that note....?"  He replied with an angry "yes."  Well CRAP, things just got real A-kward up in HUR.  I sheepishly agreed with Santa and his note and as quickly as I could ran to grab a drink.  Thinking I was safe in the hall I began to tell another girl in my class about what would become known as "THE SANTA FIASCO".  Then, once again, I turn around and there Santa was behind me with that same not-so-jolly face.  So what did I do? I popped those wheels back out of my shoes and roller skated my way out of the sticky situation.  Nothing like a quick getaway in an awkward situation.  Thank you sketchers skate sneakers!  Speaking of, I think I will go put my shape ups on this instant for some serious butt toning!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Whitneys Hidden Camera Part One!

First off, let me just start off by saying "It's Friday, Friday, gonna get down on Friday!" gotta love Friday cause its "Fun Fun Fun Fun!"  No one says it better than Rebecca Black!  Anywho... this is random!  He came into work today.  Weird.

For those of you who know me, you will know I am notorious for secretly taking pictures of videos of people when thy have no idea.... people I don't know.... at all.... but you want to know what, sometimes things just make me feel so uncomfortable that I just HAVE to document them.  How am I supposed to live my life knowing I didn't capture the guy who opens his mouth while working out, or the guy who was falling asleep during my class, or the guy a the gym with the really rockin' long hair?  We should all take this moment to commit to capturing the awkward things in life so we can all re live them over and over and over again.  So here is my first one...

Here we have my large mouthed friend.  Apparently he has no control whatsoever over his jaw when he is working out.  Now you see, I am super competitive at the gym.  If someone is running next to me I always try to run faster and or longer.  If a girl is lifting weights by me I always try to do heavier weights and or more reps, so when this kid challenged my mouth opening skills.... BRING IT ON!  You know, I have always been proud of the fact that I could unhinge my jaw once on one side and twice on the other.  All those trips to the orthodontist in high school were a piece of cake with this bad boy as a mouth.  My jaw is large, and I am proud!  Oh wait, thats right, no I'm not.  When a boy tells you it feels like you are eating his face when you kiss you quickly lose said confidence in such abilities.  How embarrassing that I am sharing this with the world but is it so weird that I always had confidence in the fact that this freakish jaw would get me somewhere in life.  Instead, now I will always be knows to that guy as the girl who wanted to eat him for dinner.  So back to the gym, I quickly got off my high horse and let this guy take all the glory in the freakish jaw contest.  Shortly after this incident I tripped over an elliptical further embarrassing myself.  I then proceeded with a tuck and roll and tried to play it off like a new trendy workout move.  If anyone is curious to know what the tuck, roll, twist, twist, snap, swivel, swivel, stand move looks like feel free to message me!  As for the large mouthed guy, why don't you just laugh on with that freakish mouth and let me know what your girlfriend thinks of it.

Alright, but seriously though, how uncomfortable do you feel watching this video!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pocket Change

Never, never, never underestimate the power of pocket change.  Yesterday was a special day.  You know the days I am talking about.  The days when you look in your cupboard, then make your way to the fridge, and finally the freezer, and NOTHING looks good.  Everything either looks too boring, or you are just too darn lazy to cook it.  You then check your bank account... uh... we won't talk about that... You then try and think about some way you could possibly get a free meal from some place, and finally, You put your status on facebook to "Who wants to buy me dinner tonight?".  Needless to say, no one took me up on that offer. So here is my story...

My roommate Stephanie was also feeling the need to get some good food, but she also checked her bank account.... uh we won't talk about that either... she then suggested that we gather as much pocket change as we could to pay for our meal (yes we are that pathetic).  After carefully counting out exactly $7.00 in change:  five quarters, 56ish dimes, and I think one nickel (so what if I can't do the math)... anywho... after carefully driving my car through the small pond in our parking lot, Stephanie hopped in my little Dodge Neon and we headed off to our local Costa Vida.  I am a die hard Cafe Rio fan but due to our tight budget we had to go with Costa Vida for the daily student special.  Upon arriving at Costa Vida we excitedly got in line and decided on our delicious meals.  Much to our disappointment stupid Costa Vida raised their student special prices to $5.99 AND you HAVE to get a drink.  Gosh they stink!  So despite my anger I took much care in counting out my $5.99 and hoped so badly that they would allow me to get a second dressing instead of a drink because I hate soda and I like to have options with my dressings.    I then ordered my mango chicken salad with two dressings (still hoping) and made my way down the line.  As soon as I reached the end I greeted the cashier with my ever smiling face.  I carefully set down each pile of quarters and dimes carefully in stacks of dollars to ensure I could make the cashiers life easier.  I then looked up, made eye contact, and nicely asked if I could switch my drink with an extra dressing.  I even gave her a little wink to let her know I was one her side.  She then replied with a very stern and VERY rude "NO."  I was in shock.  How dare she use that tone with me?  She then gave me my total, which was over $8.00.  WHAT?  I nicely asked if I could receive the student special and again she replied with a snarky "You have to show me your i.d.  I can't just assume".  She said it with a frown on her face and a tone that you don't ever want me to repeat.  So what did I do?  Something that any stand up American would in a situation such as this, I looked that Costa Vida worker right in the eyes, pointed my pointer finger up in the air, and then took that pointer finger and proceeded to knock over each stack of dimes that I had nicely made for her ensuring she would have to recount it all.  As I began to turn away and walk away that darn Costa Vida worker, in her snarkiest tone yet said "You still owe me 51 cents."  I searched both my pockets and my little baggie of change and realized I was out of money.  My how the tables had turned.  My moment of glory had past and there I was standing there in the middle of Costa Vida feeling like a fool.  So then I went on to my last act of defiance.  I pulled up to the windows of Costa Vida in my classy Doge Neon, looked that Costa Vida worker in the eyes one last time and mouthed "VACUUM BENCH" to her, pushed my pedal to the medal, and SLOWLY accelerated out of the Costa Vida parking lot, while listening to my Neon downshift from all that work.  Thank you Dodge Neon for always being reliable on those quick getaways.  I have always loved a car that could reach 60mph in 5 minutes.

Today wasn't too eventful.  Who knows what I will do with the next half hour of my time.... maybe I will grow a boyfriend?

My little Asian Friend!

First off, I am fully aware of the fact that I have no graphic design skills whatsoever.  With that said, I expect a graphic design friend of mine to quickly help me fix my awful header within the next few weeks.  Oh yes and second off, I don't have the best grammar.  Feel free to correct me whenever you please.  My father corrects me all the time and its not insulting to me.  Now I think I will just jump right in.

About two years ago on a snowy night in January I began my walk to the TSC from the fine arts building.  Keep in mind the snow was VERY deep and VERY crunchy this day.  As I began to walk I started noticing that the crunching sound that I was hearing was not only coming from my own footsteps but also from behind me, very closely behind me.  I quickly turned around and there, about one foot behind me stood this tiny little Asian guy.  He then proceeded to give me a nice closed mouth smile and a quick wave cranking his neck pretty far to see my face cause I am tellin' yah, this guy was SHORT!  Anywho, I thought to myself, well this is weird and he is a little too close to me for me to feel comfortable but oh well.  So I started on my way again.  I took about five more steps and realized there was still that crunching noise happening awfully close to me.  I quickly turned around again and there he was, one foot behind me.  Cranked his neck, gave me a closed mouth smile, and waved with his tiny little hands.  So I guess we are friends then.  So off I went again and for a third time that darn crunching noise behind me.  What the heck is he doing so dang close to me?  Finally I turned around to analyze the situation and realized he was stepping in my footsteps right after I was making them.  I suddenly became very proud of my little friend for accomplishing the task of keeping up with my giant strides.  Lucky for him he was also headed to the TSC.  We then walked stride upon stride, footstep upon footstep, and hand in hand together to the TSC.  Later I found out his name was Ping, Ping and I are dating now and plan on being married in the fall.  That my friends, is my love story!