Saturday, December 24, 2011

hip, hip hop, hip hop anonymous.

Hip hip its CHRISTMAS EVE!  This is one of the best places to be in life.  Christmas eve, one of the better feelings in the world!  Well Merry Christmas from me and my sisters!  May your Christmas eve night be as freaking hot as mine.  We are getting sweat puddles in our toes here!  Sharing the bed with Jord tonight (like usual but a much smaller bed).  Last time Jord wore footy pajamas she really did wake up with a puddle in her feet..... but that was from something much different!  Can you say Fuller from Home Alone.... Easy on the Diet Coke Jord!  Girl, you know I love you and your past problems!!  I can hear Santa downstairs now.  Better tuck myself in!

P.S.  Footise pajamas are definitely not made for tall people.  Lets just say they are pullin' a little tight (imagine the little kid a little grown out of theirs, that's me!)  As my brother Cree says "the best part about those pajamas is no matter how big they are, you always got a wedgie going on."  Well said Cree cause I'm busy pickin' mine now ;)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Wedding Wish

Alright everybody, listen up!  I have this really awesome cousin!  Her name is Lauren and she is  doing this awesome thing called The Wedding Wish!  Basically she is teaming up with another company to give a deserving bride an awesome wedding day prize!  Check it out by clicking the link above!  You won't regret reading!


Christmas break, you have already been so good to me!  I love you!!

Now, please go and watch my favorite part on my ALL TIME favorite movie for a little chuckle!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

sob story

Untitled from Whitney Kofford on Vimeo.

Remember that sad story I told about Jordan and the violin?  Well here it is in her own words!  Poor girl!

iphone dump and stephanie's ramblings giveaway.

So..... it's been a while!  This past three weeks, every. single. second. of my life was occupied!  It was pretty much horrible but REALLY payed off!

I spent my time doing this....

.. and eating this...

.... and this....

... so pretty much.... soon, I am going to look like this (lady on left)....

(print I did for one of my favorite classes in college PRINTMAKING!)

... now I feel like I could use a little of this....

Saw this on pinterest and did it on Nat's bananas one morning at 6:30 in the AM!

Since I haven't carried my camera for everyday life for a while since its been connected to a tripod for hours on end doing photoshoots the past three weeks here are some iphone photos from the past couple.... months haha!  There is something magical about instagram just say it!

Oh and ONE more thing!  You know my lovely friend Steph?

(My friend Zac in the middle!  See you in two years, you're the best)

Isn't she just stunning?  Anyway, she has the cutest blog called Stephanie's Ramblings and she is having a bunch of giveaways this month!  She doesn't really need my help with followers (I could use hers) but seriously go and check it out if you haven't already.  Make sure you follow her and enter her giveaway!  Steph is the most genuine, sincere, and real person I know and it really comes across in her blog (she is also a fabulous model)!  Love ya Steph!

Talk to you l8er!