Thursday, April 21, 2011

89 Rubber Bands!

Sooooooo...... this week has been just as great as last weekend.... maybe even better!  My school work has been... well not quite top priority this week but you know what?  I am almost positive I have all A's right now.  Thats right!  Anywho, yesterday was a great time.  I went on a double date with some of my favorite people.  We had some good laughs!

Okay, both of you look like creeps right here ha ha!

I got a little excited with the easter stickers here.  Sometimes my ADD gets the better of me and I get a little out of control!

BEN!  Oh that face!  If you are wondering if he has stickers all over his face you would be right.  That, was Stephanie's doing.

So this was really special.  These were the little punch out things on the bottom of the box where you put your eggs to dry.  On the box it said that you should string them to a string like beads and create a necklace.  SERIOUSLY!  Who would where that?  Anyway I guess we were suckers for it cause we obviously decorated ours.  Steph said to decorate them with things about the date... hence Steph's Cafe Rio bead and Jarom's EGG bead.  Oh gosh ha ha ha!

So while we were at the grocery store we got some rubber bands.  This is an exact quote from Benjamin Brown, "If I knew rubber bands were this cheap, I would have bought a lot more by now"..... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha OKAY Ben!

On another note, Jarom did have paper towels this time.  However, he did not have toilet paper... luckily paper towels are not only good for wiping up egg dye... too much?  Get over it, Jarom had to deal with it last night so I think all 18 of you can.

Good times!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This Looks Awfully Familiar...

Last weekend was SOOOOOOO good!  Seriously, I stayed in Logan for the first time in FOREVER and I am so glad I did.  Then on Sunday I got to go and see my dad become Bishop (say Beeshop its better) Kofford (say cough-erd its better) over the ward he was in the high council over.  That was an amazing experience.  So many great things happened this weekend and also of course those funny ones as well!  Here is my weekend recap in pictures.

I got to see this cute thing again!  She makes me SOO happy and I just love kissing that face as she sings "Baby Beluga"!

Remember when I splashed my red smoothie all over me on April 1st?   Yeah?  Well doesn't this look awfully familiar?  Yes the same thing happened to me again but this time with chili all over my cream skirt... oh boy!

I have serious butterfinger issues.  Also, I know what you're thinking.  Yes, i do have chicken legs, GET OVER IT!

Went on a date with this boy... :) If you are wondering, that is two socks balled up on his one hand.  Apparently boys don't use oven mitts too often.  Also, not having ANY towels or napkins when you are eating and cooking is not a good idea.  Don't worry Jarom, it made for a good time!

Played this funny game!  Ha ha seriously so hard!

Steph and I dyed our hair colors after being inspired by a three year old.  Mine is turquoise.  Just living up to my title as the bishops daughter!

Got to snuggle with Lucy Baby!  I love this girl!

Such a good weekend!  Now for your little funny.... This Sunday we taught Jordan who Gandhi was..... Seriously... Oh Jord, its no wonder you attract crazy people.  I would imagine an 18 year old who doesn't know who Gandhi is would draw something like this....

Oh wait... this is her drawing.  Way to finish your homework Jord.  Lets just settle this now, don't be an art major!  For those of you who can't tell, here is the list from left to right of what Jordan was supposed to be drawing.  Anger, Feminine, Power, Loneliness, Peace, Masculine, Hunger, and Frustration.  Also, the drawing under masculine is supposed to be a bicep.  Apparently she forgot the hand.  Jord you rock! Love yah girl!

Until later, love you all!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sometimes We Run Into Crazy People.

So today I worked at my place of employment (obviously) for five hours.  I know five hours really isn't that long but when you wake up at 6:30, run six miles, shower and get ready, and then go and walk around for five more hours, it can be a bit tiring.  Anyway, a couple of things that really stood out to me from work today; one, I have a really hard time waiting until 2:30 to eat lunch when I have breakfast at 6:30 and two, people are crazy.  Sometimes there are some crazies that come into work.  As I thought more on this subject I thought about an incident I had a Dicks Market with my sister Jordan.  I had always felt safe at my neighborhood grocer until the weekend of the BYU game...

Jordan and I went to Dicks Market to get some snackage for my family for the BYU game.  We headed over to the deli to get some delicious sliced meat.  Little did we know that this moment would change our lives, and our innocence forever.  So, we are standing there waiting for a ton of meat to get sliced when this lady hastily runs up to us and practically attacks us asking if we had already started being helped (I wish we hadn't so we could have ran for the hills).  So we told the lady yes and she suddenly began to tell us her whole freaking life story.  As she proceeded to grab Jordan's butt and get all up in her grill telling her about her husband who was waiting in the car I saw where this situation was going so I slowly began to back away and take pictures.  Check them out below.

Some of the things this crazy lady told Jordan...

-  She got pregnant with all of her children on birth control
-  Her husband used to look at Swedish Porn
-  Her husband effed her up (of course she said the real word)
-  Her daughter is a biotch and she doesn't know why because she is really spoiled
-  Her children don't like Raisin Bran so she mixes it with and Oreo Jello salad thing to make them eat it (which clearly makes no sense crazy lady)
-  Her husband pretty much beats her and thats why she was in such a hurry
-  She doesn't know why her husband is more into hot stomachs and not hot butts (she practically flashed us at this point
wellllllll..... there was a lot more but I don't really remember.  All I know is she was nuts and we were stuck there waiting for that dang meat with this crazy lady for about eight minutes.

Alright peeps, moral of the story, when you see someone that looks like this crazy lady, RUN.... as fast as you can!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April Fools 2011!

So.... I woke up on April Fools to quite the prank..... I think this video explains it all..... PLEASE don't judge me for how ugly I look.  It was 6:30 in the morning AAAAKKKKAAAAYYY!

Here are some photos from the day.

Also, later that day I had a little incident with a smoothie.  I set the smoothie down on the counter and apparently it stuck to the top of the cup and then SHLOPPED down causing this little mess.  Oh man oh man good thing Jac was there to help me wash it out!
Thats all folks!