Thursday, December 27, 2012

Having the most amazing time hanging out with these people this whole week!  We may not be the best looking.... but we sure are the best people in the world to be around!

Monday, December 10, 2012

I love Paris in the rain.... and in the sun.... and... well ALWAYS!  Paris.... aaaahhh... Paris, I visited SO many amazing places in Europe but something about Paris really gets to me.  I can honestly say I would live in Paris (I wouldn't say that about any other place we went).  Paris is absolutely MAGICAL and my heart goes pitter-patter whenever I think about walking the streets of that amazing place.  Did you know the Eiffel Tower twinkles with lights every night?  I didn't!  If you go to Paris this is a MUST SEE!  Laying under those twinkling lights is actually my fondest memory of my time in Europe.  Now here are a million and one photos of myself (and some others)...

I'm sure you have already realized I'm supposed to be Quasimodo.

I think this one turned out really nice.

Now I know what you're thinking.... Her head looks awfully tiny AND... How does she do it? Stay tuned.... tomorrow I am going to post a "Poor white trash girls guide to traveling through Europe without appearing white trash, blowing all your money, or getting fat."  Also, a guide on how to make your next vacation look magical (like mine) in your very own photos.  It should be a good one!  

Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to go rest my tiny head on a pillow and think about what it would be like to.... WOW (this is not a joke) as I was trying to decide what to write I noticed how incredible my eyebrows look in this photo..... and on that note of total and complete ADD I am going to say goodnight... and now I don't have to come up with a punch line...