Saturday, December 24, 2011

hip, hip hop, hip hop anonymous.

Hip hip its CHRISTMAS EVE!  This is one of the best places to be in life.  Christmas eve, one of the better feelings in the world!  Well Merry Christmas from me and my sisters!  May your Christmas eve night be as freaking hot as mine.  We are getting sweat puddles in our toes here!  Sharing the bed with Jord tonight (like usual but a much smaller bed).  Last time Jord wore footy pajamas she really did wake up with a puddle in her feet..... but that was from something much different!  Can you say Fuller from Home Alone.... Easy on the Diet Coke Jord!  Girl, you know I love you and your past problems!!  I can hear Santa downstairs now.  Better tuck myself in!

P.S.  Footise pajamas are definitely not made for tall people.  Lets just say they are pullin' a little tight (imagine the little kid a little grown out of theirs, that's me!)  As my brother Cree says "the best part about those pajamas is no matter how big they are, you always got a wedgie going on."  Well said Cree cause I'm busy pickin' mine now ;)

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