Friday, April 26, 2013

lets just say "oh. my. GOSH." and move on

Is it possible to be TOO cute?  This next series of photos will clearly answer that question.  Yes, yes it is.

I am literally obsessed with this park.  It is such a beautiful park and never busy.  Such a great place to get away from all the hustle and bustle in the city.  We actually have space to run here!!

 ^^^^^^^ Wish I had more pictures of Elle and Stella!  Stella is the sweetest dog!^^^^^^^^^^

 ^^^^^^^^^^ She looks really happy right here when in reality she was begging for me to go and pick her up.  She had asked to take her shoes off in the sand and then realized she didn't like all the sticks on the ground.  I am such a great nanny, "Hold on Elle.  Stand there in pain while I fumble to get my camera back out because you look so cute standing there."^^^^^^^

^^^^^^^  BABE.  BABE. BABE.  Sometimes I can't even fathom how a human can be so cute... but if you met her parents you would understand ;)^^^^^^

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