Sunday, November 27, 2011

day after sanksgibing aka my second favorite day of the year

Time with the family equals LOL's but thats Lots of Laughs in this case!  We had a real good time hittin' up modern display and the Christmas tree lot!  Gee I love my family!

Every year we make Jordan stand by the tree and she misses out on all the fun..... she finally caught on this year and refused!  We had to get a picture!
I thought this might go nicely over Jordans bed.  With all the people who have slept in that California King, she agrees!
This year we were deciding between two dickens village pieces, the bookstore, and the violin shop.  Lets just say Jord has had a rough go with both books and the violin.  My dad once told her he would beat her if she kept practicing violin.  Needles to say, Jordan never made it past tucka tucka stop stop (lower skill level than twinkle twinkle little star).  Books..... well if you knew Jord it would all make sense!  Conversation between Jordan and Quin....
Jordan:  Two things I hate, violin, and books.
Quin:  Well Jord, there is no tanning salon here!
We are all just waiting for the day Jordan has her first baby.  She is going to apply leg makeup all over that thing the second it comes out.  Something else she told me on this trip, "I just love Orange!  I love the color orange, oranges, and orange skin."  You said it girl, you said it!

We never fail to get a five pound box of Cummings chocolates!  If you haven't been, you should go!!!

My family has this odd talent for making REALLY ugly faces!!!
Oh yes, and we also hit up this place!  If you haven't been there either, you should!!!

Great day.  Great family.


  1. This whole post made me so happy. I love the Jordan stories. hahahha

  2. You & your family are so awesome! Miss you pretty girl(:

  3. Ah guys! Thanks so much! This day was freaking hilarious!

  4. oh, so fun! family is the best!


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