Saturday, November 12, 2011

a game and a shot at fame.

Well.... the shot at fame was a while ago... you know... the whole Price is Right thing but I wanted something that rhymed with game.  Just trying to keep it real here.  Yesterday was the Utah State vs. BYU game.  Between camping out on the hyper field for days for tickets and having to get a wrist band to ensure you get in, Utah State makes a pretty big deal out of this whole thing.  Can't say the same about BYU.... but..... whatever, we won!  It  may have been freaking freezing, our toes may have felt like they were going to fall off, and I may have been embarrassed a bit at some of the cheers we yelled, but it was a very good time!  Yesterday was a good day to be an Aggie!

On another note, my VERY favorite part of the day was when Ben Kime came over and ate quickstop food with me.  Then Natalie came home and Ben, Nat, and I all stood in front of the mirror in the living room talking about working out and flexing our muscles trying to get JUST the right lighting.  We may or may not have gone around in a circle feeling each other muscles.  I guess that's what you do when you're 2hawt2handle... NBD

This morning we went to Kneaders for some all-you-can-eat french toast!  Oh. My. Word.  I have never had kneaders french toast and it is seriously AMAZING!  Worth all 500 calories for each slice!  Now its snowing outside and I'm heading to the gym to hopefully burn off at least one slice of the two and a half that I ate.... whoopsies!!!!

Does anyone else kinda feel like they just want to sit in the warm house and watch the snow all day I like I do?  NOPE gotsta hit that gym people!!!!!


  1. I kinda just want to become a profesh photog so my blog can look like yours. and you're likes super trendy. and your friends just seem like really great people.

    can you just come back to california and play with me?

  2. Oh Ali you are the cutest kid on the block! I miss your stinking guts! I NEED to go back to California ASAP! In fact, I am honestly looking into doing an internship there soon!!!


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