Wednesday, January 4, 2012

lets do this again in the spring

Untitled from Whitney Kofford on Vimeo.

So I know this video is a little long... and not in HD which I don't know why, but at least stick around for the middle part!  It is freaking hilarious!!  Now, there are clearly different talents in this world.  Mine is DEFINITELY photography and NOT videography.  I am no Hailey Haugen from Haugen Creative.  Those two have talent!  Here is a kind of horrible little mash up of my amazing semester.  Jewelz and Nat, I am glad to have met you via KSL and a lot of things going horribly wrong with our housing!


  1. your friends just look like so much fun.


  2. Its cause they are!!!! You need to come visit us! Or maybe we will visit you!

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh my gosh i just LOLed and ROFLed so harrrrrrrdddddd! this is the greatest thing! I was crying of laughter during the middle scenes, like are you serious?! We have the greatest friends holy crap. Love you Whit!

  4. My legs. My bloody throat. Yesss. This is rockin. I think you should videotape my reunion like Haily Haugen. Yes?

  5. You have the weirdest friends!!! SO FUNNY!!


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