Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Oh my, there has just been so much going on in lifey lately!  So many great things to post about.... I'll just go backwards in time I guess!!

A baptism yesterday.
Church on Sunday.
A Matthews wedding on Friday.
Listening to Brandons mad music skills.... everyday.
Freaking cute babies with Steph!
New Years eve.
Lots and lots of Christmas (turn your head I'm too lazy to flip them now).
A special baby that pulls at my heart strings.  Every body pray for this little guy!  His name is Aden and unfortunately was diagnosed with leukemia :(.
And of course if you're a Kofford there is going to be lots and lots of food involved.  Meditrina in Salt Lake City, go there for reals!!

Oh and here is my disclaimer.... I didn't edit any of these photos... hence why they don't look so great!  I was much to lazy haha! 

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