Saturday, August 25, 2012

beaches, celebrities, and SPRINKLES

Since I have a pretty regular every three month update policy for this blog, I really thought I ought not keep my fans waiting.  I know you have all been anxiously awaiting my updates for oh you know.... my summer in Europe, my cruise to Alaska, my job hunt in California, and of course THE BIG MOVE.... sooooo, I thought I might start with the most recent... or perhaps the most important...

Oh.... is that a cupcake?
Excuse me while I wipe the drool off of my sock monkey pajamas (yes it's 11:00 AM).  But seriously!  I thought this whole Sprinkles craze had to be a bit over exaggerated, had to be too good to be true.  But IT'S NOT!  I am over the moon about it.  I ate one... then bought another right after from the Sprinkles ATM, (you heard me) to eat for breakfast the next day.  I see myself frequenting that beautiful invention.  In other fatty, excuse me, FOODIE news, Wahoos stole my heart with their amazing fish tacos and incredibly reasonable prices. Also, I have been living a dream come true with a Yogurtland being only a five minute walk from my apartment.  I kept it classy yesterday for lunch and hit up Mcdonalds, just steps away from work, to pay five dollars for a bed of lettuce.  I learned my lesson.  I can't wait to stop going to Mcdonalds and start really tasting all that LA has to offer.  The incredible places to eat seriously were just another amazing reason to move here.  Ask me about a gym pass later... I'm still working on that one.

Enough chit chat... lets get to what you really want to see.  My amazing and incredibly beautiful sister Jooooooord and her friend Jill helped me move down on Monday.  Thanks so much Jord and Jill!  You really are the best.  She stayed for a few days and we had a grand ol' time!  Remember the landing a plane comment... same goes for family members!  Sorry there aren't more photos of my adorable face, but here you go!

These photos were taken at both Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach (aka muscle beach).  Jord sure had a good time in Venice.  She could have walked away with at least 10 guys.... Boys were calling her out left and right... and up and down.... and all around... (refer to five photos up).  I probably would have had the same reaction had I have not had my massively huge camera around my neck.  The guys were just SOOOO intimidated by my obvious career.  It has NOTHING to do with anything else.  At all.  I'm way hot.

A few more things that need discussing...
Celebrity sightings.... have I had any?  Why yes I have!  I actually talked to a celebrity yesterday, (and when I say talked I mean practically was a slave to).  While at work a pregnant lady came in looking for a dress with a high waist.  I showed her some dresses and put her in a dressing room.  While in the dressing room some of my co-workers began doing rather odd hand gestures to me to go into the back.  They then proceeded to tell me I was helping...

That little lady in the middle from True Blood.  I kept my cool since I had no idea who she was but my co-workers were a little frantic!  Only in LA haha!  Anyway, she didn't like the dresses and quickly left the store.  Dang.  I make commission.

As for my job that you all might be curious about... I work at a store in Santa Monica called Johnny Was.  I seriously love it!  I make base pay and commission so it is very self motivating work.  The clothing really is beautiful and well made.  It really helps to love the product.  I am really starting to like my co-workers and the days go by super quick.  You all should check out Johnny Was online!  Take a look at their look books.  I am hoping that I am will be able to tag along for one of the photoshoots soon!  We will see.

Anywho.... thanks for sticking with me through this whole thing!  It has been a WAY long blog post but you should all be grateful!  These things take forever to update!  So, here is the start of my life in California.  I may still be in the honeymoon faze but LA... lets do lunch.... and dinner... and cupcakes... forever... I love you!

Now I am finally headed for a run and then off to one of the local farmers markets!  Talk to you later... or probably in a few months.  If you're lucky, my next post will be about my Alaskan cruise!


  1. These pictures are to die for. So California.

    1. Thanks! California is rather photogenic!

  2. love it, you are so funny! And you look a lot like your sis. Hope you guys are having a grand time! - Shanda

    1. Thanks Shanda! I'm glad you liked my post and think I'm funny!

  3. Whitty this was by far the best thing I have read in a LONG time. The only problem is I wish you had been telling me all that stuff while we were running. You, my summer running bff, are very funny. Love you.

    1. I'm glad you liked it Mel! We should skype sometime soon!!


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