Thursday, November 8, 2012


I guess you can say... my blog has officially turned into "the nanny diaries".  Yes I have an extremely large amount of adventures and photos from living in LA... yack yack yack... but does THAT really matter when you have......


This is Elle.  She is the most darling thing you have ever met!  It is ridiculous how quickly this little one made it into my heart.  I cannot get enough of her!  But seriously, The days I'm not with her... I wish I was... and when I'm with her, I am so extremely happy I could die.  But seriously.... If I died when I was with Elle, I would legitimately die happy.  She calls me "Whit-mee".  She says "yocked" and "no yike it".  She calls her puppy "Stewwa" (Stella).  She is so polite and always says "no tink-you".  She is obsessed with Mickey Mouse and can literally spot him on anything.... but the cutest thing of all.... the fact that she gives the cutest kisses to things that she loves.  Today she kissed the letter "C" because I told her "C" was for Cole (her big brother).  She is literally sweet as candy and only is grumpy when you ask her to be (grumpy baby pictured above).  It's like I was born to do this ;)!

Elle, I already love and adore you!

P.S. I feel like I have now joined the ranks of Mormon mommy blogs.  Now I can be one amongst the many mommy bloggers who glamorizes everyday tasks in well photoshopped photos.....!  Nothing ever appears boring or ordinary when you are looking through the lens of an extremely expensive camera.  Moms out there, (I probably have like 3 looking at this) don't feel bad about yourself when you look at blogs!  Now I am going to go hang out with my darling husband.  We are going to go put on our chunky glasses, drink some herbal tea, neatly tidy up our childrens "freshly picked" moccasins, and snuggle into our shabby chic bedroom.... wait a second.... HUSBAND..... doesn't actually wear chunky glasses.... that's me!

P.P.S. I actually really LOVE all of those mommy blogs... and the style that they all have!


  1. I am dying at this cuteness!!!! She is gorgeous. I am loving your life. Seriously! I need to come visit you. P.S....I need to call you ASAP.

    1. Steph! I know! Doesn't she just kiss you! Yes you NEED to come and visit. Elle and I would love to spend some days with you! PLEASE call me ASAP!

    2. P.S. dont ask me what i was talking about in that other comment.... doesn't she just kiss you...? Seriously! What was I thinking about in that moment?


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