Sunday, December 2, 2012

an american in europe

Today I met a guy in my ward who was in a band.  Come to find out the name of his band came from a poem.  He told me the best place to look if I am ever naming a band (which I reminded him I do quite often) is in poetry.  So since the next time I name a band is a few weeks out, I thought I would first try it in naming my blog post.  I googled poems about Europe and this title was actually the title of a poem.  The poem was a little more patriotic than I was feeling now.... but instead of stealing something within' I stole the title.  Creative and original, I know.  

Within the last half hour I found myself thinking of this day in Lucerne Switzerland.  Since you never really see that many photos of me, here are a few!  I really hope to put more photos up this week of my travels through Europe.  I may not miss rolling my bag around cobblestone streets while the locals throw pieces of artisan cheese at me screaming, "tourist".... but I do miss that little place I like to call Europe.  That last sentence may have been a dramatization... although the constant buzzing still going on in my head from wheeling my bags across cobblestone streets is not.

The quality of these photos look gross to me.  I will have that looked at tomorrow.... after my first day at my OTHER new job!


  1. I love these pictures! My mom made me throw away those shoes but they look so cute on you! i just love you whit whit.

    1. Your mom is the DEVIL!! I'm just kiddinnnnnnn' LADY! Thanks! I am coming over tomorrow!


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