Monday, December 10, 2012

I love Paris in the rain.... and in the sun.... and... well ALWAYS!  Paris.... aaaahhh... Paris, I visited SO many amazing places in Europe but something about Paris really gets to me.  I can honestly say I would live in Paris (I wouldn't say that about any other place we went).  Paris is absolutely MAGICAL and my heart goes pitter-patter whenever I think about walking the streets of that amazing place.  Did you know the Eiffel Tower twinkles with lights every night?  I didn't!  If you go to Paris this is a MUST SEE!  Laying under those twinkling lights is actually my fondest memory of my time in Europe.  Now here are a million and one photos of myself (and some others)...

I'm sure you have already realized I'm supposed to be Quasimodo.

I think this one turned out really nice.

Now I know what you're thinking.... Her head looks awfully tiny AND... How does she do it? Stay tuned.... tomorrow I am going to post a "Poor white trash girls guide to traveling through Europe without appearing white trash, blowing all your money, or getting fat."  Also, a guide on how to make your next vacation look magical (like mine) in your very own photos.  It should be a good one!  

Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to go rest my tiny head on a pillow and think about what it would be like to.... WOW (this is not a joke) as I was trying to decide what to write I noticed how incredible my eyebrows look in this photo..... and on that note of total and complete ADD I am going to say goodnight... and now I don't have to come up with a punch line...


  1. What camera body, lens and editing program are you using? Which filter do you use for the photos that you turn b&w??

    1. I have a canon 5D Mark II. I believe all of these were shot with a 24-70 2.8 lens and I use photoshop. My black and white are an action that I made by turning the photos to black and white and changing the curves.... I think there is also a solid color filter on them of white or something and I changed the filter to screen and took the opacity down. Do you know photoshop at all?


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