Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It's ruined

Why do photographers feel the need to always announce when film is used in their process of creating photos?  Are we really that cool when we do it?  "A day in the life according to my film camera", "fourth of July, on film", "photos of my film strips, taken on black and white film", "film photos of my kids starring longingly out the window, going to the bathroom, AND picking their noses".  It's the throwback of all throwbacks.  Before you know it, VHS's are going to be cool again and we are going to start listening to the radio for hours on end to make a mixed tape for our BFF's.

But the reality of the situation is, Yes.  It's cool.  It's also more difficult and a slower process than digital.  It takes time, patience, and MONEY.  The most important thing above all is, it takes technical skill.  Which brings me to this....

I have none.  No technical skill that is... actually....

I bought a new old camera and is clearly didn't work.  Also I turned color film images into black and white.  So lame of me!  The good news is... some of our Disneyland trip SORT of turned out.  Because that's obviously SO important!

Just imagine what all those photos could have been.


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  1. I think it's great actually. I like film because I feel like images are so overly perfected now a day, and film allows for a little imperfect look that in and of itself is perfect! I love the black and white dancer ones! That grain is quite beautiful and I love the sun coming through.


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