Thursday, November 7, 2013

this model kid

I hit up the local Walgreens today to develop another roll of film.  I also picked up some $7.00 Walgreens fleece lined leggings for those cold Southern California days.  Obviously Walgreens isn't the classiest of places to get my negs developed and scanned (or buy myself leggins), but half of the roll were photos that my little Elle Belle shot (teaching her my ways).  I wanted a one hour photo and didn't want to pay the price for higher quality when it's just riffraff.  Anyway, here are some cute/hilarious moments that I have had with Elle... in really horribly scanned images.

 ^^^  This is what you get when you let a father get his daughter ready for school.  I was CRACKING up at this ragamuffin.  She is also super into making these weird faces lately to be funny.  I just make them back at her.  I apologize everyday to her mother for making her weird!^^^^

 ^^^ another color film image that I turned b&w but the colors from the scan were horrendous and beyond repair.^^^
 ^^^ and this, well this is just hilarious as you can see.  I had to pull her out for a picture!^^

 ^^^ Sorry that this kid is a high fashion model already.  She is also an angel for pictures might I add.  She almost always does exactly what I tell her to.^^^

Now Elle is extremely into my 35 mm as well.  She loves to cock it and wind the film.  Awesome!  I love this little one!!

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