Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cabo 2013

Just so everyone is aware, I nanny for this family.  This was NOT a working trip.  This was my Christmas present (keep in mind she doesn't even celebrate Christmas). They love me, I love them.  Everyday we tell each other how lucky we are to have found each other.  Aaawwwwwww!  I will be eternally grateful for this trip, and especially this family in my life!

^^ I want him to marry my little sister.  He is THAT amazing!^^
^^ Don't mind our backyard...^^

^^  The night of this moon halo we went to the most incredible restaurant with twinkle lights and thousands of hanging balls and ornaments in the trees surrounding it.  It was like nothing I have ever seen before.  I didn't take my camera.  I AM SO DUMB!!  I realized the other day that I have never regretted a day that I take my camera out.  I just need to carry it everywhere.  I didn't even have my iphone.  I'm still recovering from the fact that I missed it.^^
^^  This isn't focused quite right... but it's hilarious!! ^^
^^ Our bedroom and the sunrise.^^

^^  Marcie woke me at 6:30 AM for this sunrise photo.  I wish I would have had the brain power and the time (it was changing QUICKLY) to REALLy perfect this shot.  But I was OUT of it!  This is such a special moment and I'm glad she got me up.  Pillow talk with Marc and snuggling with Elle were some of my favorite parts of the trip!^^

^^ Just one of our many dance parties.  Most of the other took place in the pool.^^

^^ They wouldn't let us take photos while on the camels. :(^^

^^ Obsessed and in love with her!^^


  1. YOU are so incredibly talented. I want you to come on a family vacation with me and capture moments like these. The one with mother and daughter in bed is to die for!

  2. elle is going to be a porn star and im blaming you for starting her young..... ily. lolol

  3. whit i am loving your photography! you are so great!


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