Sunday, December 1, 2013

our day

Since the beginning of Kofford time, the day after thanksgiving has always been classified by my father as "our day".  We all pile in the family wagon, pop in the Christmas mixed tapes and head out on our Christmas kick-off adventure.  The day consists of picking out our Christmas tree, picking out a new village piece, buying a five pound box of chocolates (yes FIVE... unless we are all pretending like we are trying to be skinny and buy a two pounder) and having a little lunch together.  Lately we have also ended the day by seeing a movie.  It's a pretty good time.  This year was a little different because our new tiny, tiny baby Collins aka "Coco bean" graced our presence.  To be completely honest, none of us could really focus on anything other than the baby this year..... exhibits A-Z to follow.....

 ^^ Jords stuffed animal look alike... but really.^^
 ^^  the new proud Dadda. ^^

 ^^ my most BEAUTIFUL photo bombing sister-in-law!^^

 ^^ The famous family walking photo.... that I have YET to be included in.  No one cares about the person behind the camera :'( ^^

 ^^  Over 18 section of Modern Display.^^
 ^^ I THINK this place is called Pizzeria Limone in SLC.^^
 ^^ I failed to get a photo of anyones lunch.  Whoops!^^
 ^^ Obsessed with his first grand daughter!^^

 ^^ Look at this little Coco bean!^^
 ^^^ my dad is FAMOUS for those lips.  It's like a super power how far her can stretch those things.^^

 ^^ Too hot to be a grandma.  Am I right or am I right?^^

 ^^ TWITTERS!  Clap-clap.  Cheer-cheer!^^
 ^^ My Somepeen (my most recent Nickname for Jord.  I'm her Somepeen Else)... no, we are not all there mentally.^^

 ^^  Don't forget out Piper girl!^^
^^  She reminds me of my old bald bitty baby.  Anyone remember playing with those?^^

What a day!  It's a million times better when we get to share it with this little bald thing.  We love you Collins!

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  1. I love this family tradition day! Your photos of the baby bean are absolutely beautiful. The other subjects aren't so bad either!!! You are amazingly talented Whitney. Happy holiday. love you.


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