Thursday, April 21, 2011

89 Rubber Bands!

Sooooooo...... this week has been just as great as last weekend.... maybe even better!  My school work has been... well not quite top priority this week but you know what?  I am almost positive I have all A's right now.  Thats right!  Anywho, yesterday was a great time.  I went on a double date with some of my favorite people.  We had some good laughs!

Okay, both of you look like creeps right here ha ha!

I got a little excited with the easter stickers here.  Sometimes my ADD gets the better of me and I get a little out of control!

BEN!  Oh that face!  If you are wondering if he has stickers all over his face you would be right.  That, was Stephanie's doing.

So this was really special.  These were the little punch out things on the bottom of the box where you put your eggs to dry.  On the box it said that you should string them to a string like beads and create a necklace.  SERIOUSLY!  Who would where that?  Anyway I guess we were suckers for it cause we obviously decorated ours.  Steph said to decorate them with things about the date... hence Steph's Cafe Rio bead and Jarom's EGG bead.  Oh gosh ha ha ha!

So while we were at the grocery store we got some rubber bands.  This is an exact quote from Benjamin Brown, "If I knew rubber bands were this cheap, I would have bought a lot more by now"..... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha OKAY Ben!

On another note, Jarom did have paper towels this time.  However, he did not have toilet paper... luckily paper towels are not only good for wiping up egg dye... too much?  Get over it, Jarom had to deal with it last night so I think all 18 of you can.

Good times!

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  1. Oh Whitty--it makes me happy to read your stories!


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