Thursday, October 27, 2011

How embarrassing!

You know those times in life when you see pictures of people that they took of themselves in the mirror and you feel a little uncomfortable inside and a little embarrassed for them....?  Wellllll....... as you can see,  I did this today... Don't judge me.  Just go with it.  I was dressed for about point five seconds and kind of liked my outfit.  Now feel free to point and laugh.  Look at the stupid girl taking picture of herself in the mirror.  At least all... 22 (cough)... of you aren't casually looking through my phones photos and finding a billion of the same photos of me taken in my bathroom from a really high angle.  These are especially awkward when you are sitting next to said person and they don't know what to say about the whole sitch.  I personally like to give a few words of encouragement, for example, "Wow Sally, those pictures turned out really nice..." ending with a nice smile.  Now for those of you who do this on the daily, don't be ashamed.  We all secretly want to stare, for hours on end, at a good picture of ourselves.  What better way to achieve this than by previewing the photos ourselves?  Now you will have to excuse me, I think I will go put on my bikini, take my phone, and get back to what I was doing before I wrote this post.

This post is dedicated to a VERY special someone.  CB, LOVE you GUUUUURRRRLLLLL.  Hope you have f.u.n. TONITE! ;)


  1. Literally LOL many times! I thought you were referring to Jordo's photo at first. Oh Whitter's......I miss you everyday.

  2. girl i just love you!! maybe we should do a MUCH NEEDED photo shoot of me so i can stare at amazing pictures of myself?? (; yeees. can't wait to sees you tomorrow! love you cuz!


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