Friday, November 30, 2012

Oh my goodness it's Christmas.  I swear it seems like just yesterday I was shoving loads of baked goods down my jingle bell loving face.  Now I know there is at least one person on this planet that loves to hear about THIS day with the Koffords.

This is the day that we scope out cutting down a fresh tree.  We then realize Kofford's SERIOUSLY aren't meant for camping.  Momma Koff doesn't handle muddy shoes so well and Jord may make a saw look good in photos, but don't go asking her what the saw is for.

This is the day that six adults and one child pile into a 2003 Ford Expedition to later be greeted by Santa Clause.  Then those same six adults and one child have some major ADD kick in while Santa is talking to them for three whole minutes... THREE WHOLE MINUTES.  After about one minute of Santa explaining the different kinds of Christmas Trees, I began to see Quinnybird and Jord's eyes shifting towards the sky where a flock of birds was so ever distractingly flying by.

This is the day that we eat dessert after breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner.

This is the day that we realize Pappa Koff may be anti social at times but the little boy that was obsessed with Christmas as a child still exists.  That man has got some serious Christmas cheer!

This is the day that we buy a five pound box of Chocolates and then some (did I stutter?).

This is the day that I remind my family over and over that one day I will die and they WON'T have any photos to use at my funeral (I luckily made it into three this year).

This is the day that Jordan hogs the camera... oh wait that's everyday.

This is the day that we argue with my mom about moving the couches for the Christmas tree, even if she does hate it.

This is the day.... that.... oh my gosh I'm getting tired.  If you are still reading I applaud you!

Anywho... last but not least... this is the day that I realize why I always got a C in English.

Put all of this stuff together and you have... The day after Thanksgiving!! you go in photos!

Pipers first Christmas!

By the way... I am fully and completely aware that the grammar in this post is horrendous.... to be honest I didn't even know what to do with all of those words I was SHLOPPING on the page!  I know of someone who is cringing right now.  I would not be offended if someone sent me a revision haha!  I am just so tired it's ridiculous.  Oh the things I do for you 35 that follow me.

Another by the way..... I just did a small revision this morning since I am awake and fed... I still always get C's in English.... but it's better right?


  1. I want to squish her face! What a doll!!!

  2. Ha! I'm blog stalking you. I thought of you the day after thanksgiving this year. I remembered talking about looking forward to it a couple years ago! (Ha with tamera!) your fam great!

    1. Oh my gosh I TOTALLY remember that conversation! We talked about how much we loved the Fall and the holidays! Oh Tamra! Love her haha!


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