Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hi!  My name is Elle.

Now I know you are thinking I am going to ride through life on my incredibly good looks and darling name but let me assure you that this is not the truth...

I may have an enchanting smile and big brown eyes that make you want to stare at me for days but...

I also have a personality that could bring a smile like mine to the most unfortunate mans face and....

I am wondering what you think of me now...?

Is this little the most gorgeous child you have ever laid eyes on or what?  But seriously?  She couldn't be any cuter in any way shape or form!  I just love this one!  As for me and my unfortunately tiny eyes.... my heart is thumping against my chest (my family calls that defect Franklin) I'm all hopped up on medicine for my headache earlier and I seriously need to get to bed to see this little one bright and early in the morn!  G'night!

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