Wednesday, November 21, 2012

the best people

Here is to my fifth favorite day of the year.  Pie night brings me more joy than a solo night in my bed drawing cartoons (see instagrams).  I spent the last two hours of my life laughing my love handles off.  "Who needs working out when you can eat pie and laugh?" said Jooooord about tonights crazy shenanigans.  Not sure if it was the company or the fact that I'm sweating sugar (sweating from laughter) but I was as some folk like to say "off my rocker" tonight!  If recalling memories of sailing across the seven seas of a blue futon in a giant tupperware container dressed as John Smith and Pocahontas doesn't get you knee slappin' I don't know what would.  My childhood was spent with these people and I wouldn't change it for the world.... with the exception of a few extremely ugly photos on their photobooth.  I hope everyone has a Blake family in their life.  This here is what life is all about!

Now if you excuse me I think I still have a bit more room in my big toe for some pie.  Good think I have two.... two toes... (Humphrey and LaLoyld as my family calls them).  Embarrassing?  Only if you're somebody else....

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  1. I believe I was the old Willow Tree for that one :)


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