Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Boys, not the kinds that break our hearts (never mine of course, but other peoples) but the kinds that talk about garbage trucks, Spider-Man, and hammers, Because these are the best kinds of boys. These boys don't break our hearts (other peoples hearts of course) and love us even if we don't wear makeup, wear our shirts backwards all day, and laugh at our own jokes.

I'm still convinced I've met the best group of people since moving to LA. How have I lived my whole life without my California people? Today I had the pleasure of spending a little time after work to hang out with my bosses boys. I've got this tiny little fan club (emphasis on the tiny) since moving to California and these boys are some of them. 
Below is a demonstration from a two year old on how to flirt. 

To say little izzy likes me, is a HUGE understatement. I actually think he is the president of my fan club.  
I know you are all obsessed with this wall, I'm personally obsessed with their whole house!
I had to put this one up for my dad. Izzy grabbed the "Porsche". I personally felt proud that he knew the name. 

And just for good measure....
My tiny, tiny, bald niece Collins!
....and an Elle selfie as the cherry on top!

All of these above children own my heart. Some day I'll give it away..... Probably when I stop hanging out with infants.  In the meantime, where's a great place for a night out on the town with a two year old? I really want to make an impression. 

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