Thursday, October 24, 2013

nanny days

I had the best day with this little one.

With each and every passing day, Elle becomes a little bit more sassy, a little bit more opinionated, a little bit smarter, and a LOT more easy to love!  This kid is a total crack up!  Lately she has really started to understand more, and I can't get enough of it.  We laughed all day and all night long.  Three looks good on you, Elle Belle.  

Sorry about all the iphone photos.  I'll put some lovely photos on here another day.

Nothing like a little evening facetime kiss to cure the "I'm all alone blues".  E's mom (Marcie) facetimed me shorty after I got home because I told them I came home to an empty house.  Sooooo nice!

On another note..... sort of...

Lately, I feel as if I have gotten a tiny glimpse into the way our Heavenly Father feels about his children.  If there is one thing I have learned from moving away from my family it is that I have learned to love.  I know my Father in Heaven has blessed me this last year with a tiny sliver of his love for every single person that I have met.  I am so thankful for the path that has lead me to these people who have become my family, when at times mine feels so very far away.  I have felt nothing short of pure love from those I am surrounded with everyday.  I can't imagine life without these people.  I know not everyone believes we are children of God, but  I don't care what you believe.  No matter what it is, all of us come from the same place.  We are ALL brothers and sister.  Every race, every religion, EVERYONE.   I can't wait until the day that I am able to return to the same place I came from with ALL my brothers and sisters and I know this is possible.

Sometimes I think about all the people that I have met throughout my life, and then I think about all the people in the world, and I get sad.  I get sad because I think... of ALL the INCREDIBLE people I have met, how many more incredible people are out in this world that I will never lay eyes on?  This thought makes me want to move everyday, just to discover all the people out there that I am missing out on.   Thanks for reading.... if you did.

No jokes tonight.... except for when I got stuck in the stair climber at the gym today and nearly had my leg chopped off....

But really that's a lie.  Jokes on you. Because I chose to eat cookies in bed instead of hit the gym today.

Annnnnd.... goodnight.

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