Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Call me selfish, but lately I am desiring to do more of what I want (emphasis on the "I").  I want to go on a run.  I want to bake brownies after my run and eat them.... a lot of them.  I want to sit on the couch and pinterest.  I want to go to Disneyland.  I want to sit outside my front door waiting for the neighbors cat to come out so I can snuggle it (and stop pretending like I hate cats like I used to do for social reasons).  I want to go to the beach and fall asleep UNDER a towel because it's cold.  I want to go on a lot of dates.  I also want to eat peanut butter and chocolate for breakfast lunch and dinner and weigh 100 pounds... but we will just file that and the dates thing under the, "it's never going to happen", category.... unless of course I stop petting cats, which may result in a date or two....

or maybe the problem is something completely different...

 Unfortunately, the peanut butter situation is what it is.

What I am getting at here is this... another thing I have been wanting to do is more photography for MYSELF.  I wanted to do something fun.  Something that required a little more pre processing brain power, something CRAZY (but seriously, not really).  My friend Brady and I got together one day and discussed potentially collaborating our creative brains together for something.  Basically, everything that could have gone wrong happened with this photoshoot.  We were forced out of our planned location and found refuge in this little patch of bushes with an amazing tree.  Our props floated away (remember those green balloons if you follow my instagram @whitneykofford)  While we definitely had a plan, non of it worked and I ended up photographing on the fly.  So, here is something a little fun we did one sunny Sunday afternoon in the middle of Los Angeles.  I hope you're still with me!!

And just so you all know... I'm not totally that ugly all the time...

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  1. k i am OBESSED with that picture of you. beauty!!!! i love these pics whit. what a great photographer you are :))))


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