Saturday, October 19, 2013


I know we are all crazy for changing leaves at the moment and Lana Del Rey decided to entertain the thought that sadness has something to do with Summertime, but let us go back to brighter days.  Let us never forget that there is nothing quite as magical as a little sun on your back and a little sand in your crack.  Forget the pumpkins and crisp air for just one moment and remember what it's like to watch fireworks on a warm night.  Put down that pumpkin cupcake and remember that bikini bod that is ever so slowly slipping away each day we inch closer to Christmas.  Remember flowers, flipflops, and watermelon.  That's just what I did today when I picked up an old roll of film.  There was summertime, in all its glory.  Lucky for me, its practically always summer in California!

I remembered taking photos on the beach, since that was only in May or June, but the rest of the roll was a bunch of random photos from two Summers ago that I do not remember taking.  It' always so fun to leave a roll in your camera for a while.  All of these photos were taken with an old 35mm Minolta that Connie (an employee of my dad who I LOVE) gave me years back.  I whip it out about twice a year ha!  There were a few more photos at the beginning of the roll, but they were all blurry :( Alsooo..... the internal light meter is broken.  Luckily I'm pretty good at guessing!

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