Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Santa FIASCO!

First off, I would love to give a shout out to my great friend Maggie who redesigned my header!  Love it Mags and love you!  Thank you ever so much!  Second off, I mentioned my friend and also roommate Stephanie in one of  my last posts and let me tell you that she has a great blog!  You can see it here.  You will just LOVE this girl!

This is how I probably look now.  This is a photo I accidentally captured while super concentrated on my computer.  Sadly I think I was just facebook stalking.... woot yeah!

Now, let me tell you about this little thing I like to call the Santa Fiasco.  It was a warm September day.  The sun was shining, birds were chirping, and I had popped the little wheels out on my shoes and roller skated to class.  Life could not get any better!  So when I reached class, and popped my wheels back into the bottom of those cute platform tennies, I walked happily into the photo lab.  Little did I know that not everyone on planet earth was having as great of a day as I was.  The first thing I noticed after walking in was this GIANT note on the bulletin board reading "CLEAN UP YOUR OWN MESSES.  WE ARE NOT YOUR MOTHER!"  Whoa baby!  Somebody is a little angry.  So of course the first thing I think to do is show the grumpy old note to my good friend Erica.  So I went and retrieved Erica and quickly brought her to the note.  She read the note and gave a little chuckle.  So of course I decided to be my hilarious self and read the note aloud.  I read it loud with a nasaly angry voice really dramatizing the whole thing.  I then proceeded to tell Erica that that person must have been really pissed off.  Then, disaster struck.  It all seemed to happen in slow motion.  I turned around and there standing behind me was SANTA.  Okay obviously it's not the real Santa, but a guy that was in our class who VERY closely resembled him.  There Santa was, not looking so jolly, starring me right in the face.  He then said to me, "well maybe the person that wrote that note was really upset with all the messes around here.  Maybe the person that wrote that note was sick of being everyones mother.  Maybe that person couldn't stand it anymore."  OH BOY!  So of course what did I say?  "Are you the one who wrote that note....?"  He replied with an angry "yes."  Well CRAP, things just got real A-kward up in HUR.  I sheepishly agreed with Santa and his note and as quickly as I could ran to grab a drink.  Thinking I was safe in the hall I began to tell another girl in my class about what would become known as "THE SANTA FIASCO".  Then, once again, I turn around and there Santa was behind me with that same not-so-jolly face.  So what did I do? I popped those wheels back out of my shoes and roller skated my way out of the sticky situation.  Nothing like a quick getaway in an awkward situation.  Thank you sketchers skate sneakers!  Speaking of, I think I will go put my shape ups on this instant for some serious butt toning!

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  1. HY-larious story, Whit! I love how you just skate away and everything's fine.

    Also, I would really appreciate if you would go into your settings and make it so the comments are in a pop-up box so I don't have to navigate away from your blog. It's just much more convenient that way. Thanks, I knew you'd understand.


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