Thursday, March 17, 2011

My little Asian Friend!

First off, I am fully aware of the fact that I have no graphic design skills whatsoever.  With that said, I expect a graphic design friend of mine to quickly help me fix my awful header within the next few weeks.  Oh yes and second off, I don't have the best grammar.  Feel free to correct me whenever you please.  My father corrects me all the time and its not insulting to me.  Now I think I will just jump right in.

About two years ago on a snowy night in January I began my walk to the TSC from the fine arts building.  Keep in mind the snow was VERY deep and VERY crunchy this day.  As I began to walk I started noticing that the crunching sound that I was hearing was not only coming from my own footsteps but also from behind me, very closely behind me.  I quickly turned around and there, about one foot behind me stood this tiny little Asian guy.  He then proceeded to give me a nice closed mouth smile and a quick wave cranking his neck pretty far to see my face cause I am tellin' yah, this guy was SHORT!  Anywho, I thought to myself, well this is weird and he is a little too close to me for me to feel comfortable but oh well.  So I started on my way again.  I took about five more steps and realized there was still that crunching noise happening awfully close to me.  I quickly turned around again and there he was, one foot behind me.  Cranked his neck, gave me a closed mouth smile, and waved with his tiny little hands.  So I guess we are friends then.  So off I went again and for a third time that darn crunching noise behind me.  What the heck is he doing so dang close to me?  Finally I turned around to analyze the situation and realized he was stepping in my footsteps right after I was making them.  I suddenly became very proud of my little friend for accomplishing the task of keeping up with my giant strides.  Lucky for him he was also headed to the TSC.  We then walked stride upon stride, footstep upon footstep, and hand in hand together to the TSC.  Later I found out his name was Ping, Ping and I are dating now and plan on being married in the fall.  That my friends, is my love story!


  1. Cratchulations and all that, but on the other hand: you do not "follow" either of my blogs and that kinda bums me out. So sometime before your fairy tale wedding you're going to need to remedy that sitch. Got it, ladyfriend?

  2. Ladyfriend.... I do so follow one of yours but was not aware of the other! I love the one I follow! SO FUNNY!


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