Friday, March 18, 2011

Whitneys Hidden Camera Part One!

First off, let me just start off by saying "It's Friday, Friday, gonna get down on Friday!" gotta love Friday cause its "Fun Fun Fun Fun!"  No one says it better than Rebecca Black!  Anywho... this is random!  He came into work today.  Weird.

For those of you who know me, you will know I am notorious for secretly taking pictures of videos of people when thy have no idea.... people I don't know.... at all.... but you want to know what, sometimes things just make me feel so uncomfortable that I just HAVE to document them.  How am I supposed to live my life knowing I didn't capture the guy who opens his mouth while working out, or the guy who was falling asleep during my class, or the guy a the gym with the really rockin' long hair?  We should all take this moment to commit to capturing the awkward things in life so we can all re live them over and over and over again.  So here is my first one...

Here we have my large mouthed friend.  Apparently he has no control whatsoever over his jaw when he is working out.  Now you see, I am super competitive at the gym.  If someone is running next to me I always try to run faster and or longer.  If a girl is lifting weights by me I always try to do heavier weights and or more reps, so when this kid challenged my mouth opening skills.... BRING IT ON!  You know, I have always been proud of the fact that I could unhinge my jaw once on one side and twice on the other.  All those trips to the orthodontist in high school were a piece of cake with this bad boy as a mouth.  My jaw is large, and I am proud!  Oh wait, thats right, no I'm not.  When a boy tells you it feels like you are eating his face when you kiss you quickly lose said confidence in such abilities.  How embarrassing that I am sharing this with the world but is it so weird that I always had confidence in the fact that this freakish jaw would get me somewhere in life.  Instead, now I will always be knows to that guy as the girl who wanted to eat him for dinner.  So back to the gym, I quickly got off my high horse and let this guy take all the glory in the freakish jaw contest.  Shortly after this incident I tripped over an elliptical further embarrassing myself.  I then proceeded with a tuck and roll and tried to play it off like a new trendy workout move.  If anyone is curious to know what the tuck, roll, twist, twist, snap, swivel, swivel, stand move looks like feel free to message me!  As for the large mouthed guy, why don't you just laugh on with that freakish mouth and let me know what your girlfriend thinks of it.

Alright, but seriously though, how uncomfortable do you feel watching this video!

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  1. To answer your question, I feel VERY uncomfortable watching that video.

    Verification word: sooprebs

    Normally I try to use my odd veri words in a sentence, but this just sounds a little, well, a little like how I feel when I watch that video, I guess.


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