Monday, March 28, 2011

Wide Open Spaces!

Just came from a lovely time in the photo lab with friends!  I always love those great times in the photo lab, sharing music, sharing memories, sharing cookies, its all great!  Gotta love Kristy, my Ginger friend who thinks she can get away with getting "help" with her stretching from her GORGEOUS conditioning teacher while I watch while running from the balcony above.  Whatever Kristy, I have TOTALLY caught on!  Gotta always love Erica my photo friend who just LOVES the song Friday.  Gotta love Tony when he says "It's just been one of those Mondays." while giving Kristy a cheesy little arm jab.  Last (there were more people but I will reference them later) but definitely not least, gotta love Makaela who still can't recall the time in the photo lab when she was singing along to "How Do You Sleep" by Jesse McCartney.  I don't know why you deny it MaKaela, it happened.  We all decided that tomorrow we will all be wearing Floral shoes.  I think its a grand idea.  I thoroughly enjoy my floral high top sneakers that Ali and I purchased in Cali!  Shawn you better quickly purchase some.  I expect to see you in floral!

Speaking of shoes, have I told you about the time someone mistook me for a cowgirl?

Don't mind the fact that I have my ski coat on and skinny jeans with tennis shoes.  SO EMBARRASSING!

So I'm sitting in art history class, minding my own business when suddenly a certain someone begins talking to me.  This certain someone is a bit interesting.  I am not going to guess his age for the sake of.... well I don't know I just don't want to  Anyway... He has long hair (a mullet actually), and seriously looks like he just stepped out of Back To the Future.  Whatever, I say if you want to stick to your style, more power to you buddy!  Turns out this guys name is Sully.  It's quite the interesting name so fitting I guess.  So this Sully just keeps asking me questions in class about certain assignments and due dates and tests and what not.  I didn't mind that he was asking me this, not like it was anything more out of the ordinary than his style.  I couldn't stop starring at his hair during class, it was just so.... mullety....The way the front of it fluffed out.  The way those dark locks so organically fell down his back, and the way all of his hair kind of feathered at the edges creating a soft sultry look.  It was so humorous.  I wonder who in the world still lets him get his hair cut like that. So then, when class was over I stood up and began walking to the door thinking about that fantastically grotesque haircut.  Then I felt a little tap tap on my shoulder, I turned around and there is Sully.   He then said the strangest thing to me?  "You strike me as a country girl.  Do you come from wide open spaces?"  WWWWHHHHHAAAAAAATTTTTT?  All I could do was stare at him... BLINK..... BLINK............................................................................................................................................ BLINK... I couldn't figure out what would give him this impression so I just said the first thing that came to my lips.  "Who does your hair?  I am thinking of getting mine cut the same way?"  OH BOY!  Where did that come from?  So, if anyone needs contact information for a great mullet hair stylist, I have got it for you!  Thank you, thank you very much!

I think the girl behind Sully hates me.... or maybe its just the fact that she caught on to my secret picture taking...

So glad I got mine done!


  1. Bahahaha I love that guy. It makes my day every time he comes into the computer labs.

  2. Oh Sully....I remember when he came to SOAR! He has also tried to ask one of my friends out multiple times. Interesting person.,,

  3. Man oh man! Gotta love those interesting peeps!!

  4. Whits, you are the funniest person in the whole wide world!


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