Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Typhoid Mary!

Yesterday was sort of a dismal day around this log cabin (aka my apartment).  Feelings were hurt, tears were shed, time was waisted, and pizza was made.  Stephanie had the idea to make pizza to bring a little cheer into our lives!  I think it was a grand idea Steph!  We really had a good time spending time together as roommates, working towards the same positive goal.  We were going to make a freaking delicious pizza!  Oh man, I say this was the right solution to our problem.  That pizza was delicious and made me feel much better.  Also, since we made it I felt a little more productive with my day.

Here is a little funny that happened during this pizza making.  My dear roommate Shanaenae was picking up the green pepper to cut it and had a little butterfinger moment.  She accidentally dropped the pepper, and quickly tried to retrieve it.  In her efforts to quickly grab the pepper out of the air she accidentally grabbed Stephanie's butt which happened to be very close to where the pepper was falling.  Oh Shanaenae!  You know if you wanted to grab Steph's butt you could have just asked!

You know, all of this food preparing reminds me of a very special person...  TYPHOID MARY!   For those of you who don't know who Typhoid Mary is, she pretty much was the cause of the huge Typhoid breakout way back when.  Why am I thinking about Typhoid Mary do you ask?  Well because last semester in my food and nutrition class we watched a documentary on Typhoid Mary.  The movie consisted of reenactments of all the things that went down in Typhoid Mary's disease spreading days.  This movie was HILARIOUS to say the least.  After cooking at many different New York homes and spreading diseases to countless family members of those homes, the doctors researching these situations finally decided to question Mary, talk about a common denominator.  After practically forcing Mary to be tested for Typhoid, because she was totally convinced it wasn't her, they most definitely found that Mary was a carrier, thus comes the name TYPHOID MARY.  So after a couple of other things happen they finally force Mary to live on this quarantine island for a couple of years until the outbreak settles down.  Finally when Mary is able to go back to New York they make it pretty clear to her that she cannot work in food services anymore.  She then begins a job as a seamstress or something where she cannot infect anyone since typhoid is only spread through food.  THEN, a couple of years later there is yet another outbreak of Typhoid.  This time it hits the hospital.  So some investigators start investigating the situation and of course the first place they start is in the kitchen of the hospital.  They make their way down to the kitchen and guess who they find there whippin' up food for the whole hospital?  TYPHOID MARY!  Seriously, was Typhoid Mary retarded?  Did she think they wouldn't catch on?  Also, what kind of screening process do these workers have to go through to get jobs at this hospital, not a very good one thats for sure.  As my BFF Angie said when I told her this story "One simple question in her interview could have saved them all this trouble.  Have you ever been infected with, or infected someone with Typhoid?"  What do you think Typhoid Mary did when those guys walked into the kitchen?  Awkwardly set down the knife and pretended like she was just looking around?  Tried to make up some excuse as to why she was in the kitchen?  I would love to have seen that!  You know, its too bad Sketchers Skate Sneaks weren't invented then.  They have worked for me on more than one occasion.  So then poor poor stupid Typhoid Mary was sent to live on that sad sad island yet again.  We can't say she didn't deserve it!


  1. Ooooh that Pizza was soooo good.

  2. Funny story!

    But that's not why I'm writing. I just checked and you are following my FAMILY blog. That's fine and everything, but my other blog is devoted strictly to funny stories, mostly involving embarrassing situations. If you are only going to follow ONE of my blogs it should def be the other one.


    I do not know how to make that a link. I'm not techie like that. I can't even spell techie, that's how not techie I am. But I'm sure you can figure it out.

    Loves Grams!

    Verification word: fibler

    as in: I hope the stories on your blog are not fictional because you are promoting them as factual, and that would make you a fibler.


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